An entry for the Bee #bitsyjam

Use the arrow keys to move, bump into bees and things to talk to them.

Made in Bitsy, using Directional Avatar and End from Dialogue.

Listen to the audio on Soundcloud.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
Tags2D, bee, Bitsy, fetch-quest, honey, Pixel Art

Development log


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The game is so sweet. Your art and color choice are amazing as always. Also, thank you for writing the dev log and explaining how it's made.

This is so wholesome and cute! <3 Loved it. 

Thank you!

Oh I love this! What a charming little bee world... I wish I were a bee so I could visit that little shop.


Me too! 

Secretly, the bee who asks you for tea is a self insert character. 

The colors, the music, and the world all work together so nicely! Well done.

Thank you!!!

This is so sweet! I feel so calm and happy after playing :3

Thank you!!!

Ooo, I like your color palette and music. Charming