An entry for the Colors Bitsy jam.

Use the arrow keys to move, bump into things to interact with them. 

Made in Bitsy, using many of Sean's Bitsy hacks. Thanks also to Onion, who showed me how to add extra colours to the palette.

Listen to the audio on Soundcloud.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(85 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
Tags2D, beach, Bitsy, Pixel Art, sunset
Average sessionA few minutes


soundtrack 20 MB


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krab is goot


What a cozy game! Lovely colors and song too!

lol, gnarly ๐Ÿฌ

I like how simplistic this game is (ALSO this is the 69th review for this game lol)




i would love to play an entire game like this! meeting people and animals and just relaxing, the experience was really pleasent <3


I'm actually working on a game like this :


Extremely minimal beautiful and lovely ;-;

This is such a sweet game, I felt so happy playing it!

This is really sweet :) Love the color palette too!

My YouTube video on this game. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ–

This was such a refreshing and lovely experience! My favourite part was sitting on the bench to see the sunset turn into night. :) Thank you for such a beautiful game. 

How lovely. The moon's reflection is a nice touch as well

This is fucking beautiful

Thank you!!!

How did you manage multiple background colors?


There are a few steps. First you have to manually add colours to your palette in the game data like so (these are comma separated RGB values):

Then you can assign a different tile or sprite colour to each of your tiles, sprites or items by adding 'COL [N]' to it in the game data:

The colours are assigned using 0 based indexing, so the first colour in the palette is COL 0, the second is COL 1 etc.

I also used this transparent sprites Bitsy hack. This allowed me to layer sprites over tiles to add extra detail. So for example, in the first sunset scene the background colour is pink, the sky and sea are tiles and the sun is made up of a bunch of sprites  layered on top.

I hope this all makes sense! Feel free to ask if you need anything clarified further.

This is amazing!!!!!!! <3 I love it so much!!!

Thank you!!!


This is so cute! I love the colors a lot

Thank you!!!


this is SO GOOD!!!! i really love how it looks and collecting the seashells!! and catching the crab was really fun :D the sunset is sooooo pretty!!!!!! this was SUPER NICE AND FUN!!!!!


:D :D :D


the colors are so good I'm yelling


Yay you caught the crab!