Spend a day at the library.

Use the arrow keys to move, bump into people (and things!) to talk to them.

Made in Bitsy.

Listen to the audio on Soundcloud.


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Playing this in 2020... I miss just wandering around places like the library and not worrying too much. This a lovely experience and I loved the art, thanks for sharing.

This is such a perfect gem of a game/experience! It's been a major inspiration on my Bitsy games. Thank you!

That's really nice to hear! Thank you!!!

oh man this was so lovely i kinda want to go to the library now.. :D

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This was a very pleasant game to play; I felt like I could practically smell the books! :)

Oh, and without spoiling anything I loved that you can find the ******* ****


This is wonderful, I love all the book titles.

My favorite library thing is to walk around aimlessly and find books I've never heard about, and I think you captured the feeling perfectly.

Thank you!!!